6 Pro Styling Tips

Get the most out of your wardrobe with these top styling tips


1. Don't be afraid to mix patterns, textures and eras.

Balance ditsy patterns with big bold patterns. Mix Y2K with modern trends for something completely unique & completely you.

Pro tip: Hit the op shop for any trends that might be making a comeback, before buying something new.



2. Accessories can lift any look

Adding a belt can lift any outfit. Rock a tee with a maxi and add a belt or chuck a belt on a tunic. No matter the combo, a belt is an essential addition to lifting your look.

6 Pro Styling Tips


3. Show just the right amount of skin

Pick your favourite feature and flaunt it! Show off your legs with a high neck mini dress or show off your décolletage by unbuttoning a a few extra buttons on a duster, paired with some long layered necklaces. Keep in mind, it's all about balancing how much skin you show - Wearing a mini? Pair it with knee high boots.

 6 Pro Styling Tips

5. Balance proportions

Skinny jeans plus oversized anything is always a good idea. Wearing baggy pants? Pair it with something tight or cropped.

 6 Pro Styling Tips

4. Forget trends

We don't want anyone to buy something from us because it's on trend. We want you to buy something beautiful, that you will treasure forever and want to wear every day. Be sure to buy the things that you have an emotional connection with, that way you'll love it forever.

 6 Pro Styling Tips

6. Most importantly, there are no rules!

Don't lock yourself into rules. Mix dressy outfits with casual accessories and vice versa. Mix menswear with womenswear. The best way to get the most out of your wardrobe is mixing up your looks. Have fun with it!

6 Pro Styling Tips


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