Q. If we were shooting a behind the scenes documentary of your life on a Monday, what would we be viewing between sunrise & sunset?
A. Haha why Monday! Generally our craziest day at the Loco Love HQ. Life used to be a bit more dreamy, at the moment it’s pretty much work on top of work and I find it hard to relax to do much else! Luckily I enjoy what I am doing, developing new products and flavours, which for us takes a while as we are super fussy. I always make time in the morning for some time out with a tea or hot cacao, do my best to also fit in 20 minutes of meditation. I have been trying to do too many things at once to prepare for the arrival of our baby.

Q. In ancient Mesoamerica chocolate was deemed a speciality food, achieving a sacred status with ritualistic, spiritual and political meanings, also being enjoyed for it’s healing qualities. We know that the Maya and the Aztecs believed that cacao was discovered by the gods in a mountain and was to be given to the people following their creation.
You’ve been interviewed several times about the creation of Loco Love, and explain how this creative expression was born from a spiritual awakening.
Maybe it’s a back to the future moment if Loco Love found you: if we embrace the ancient ideas of chocolate, how do you want your chocolates to influence today’s civilisation?
A. Loco Love is an expression of my personal mission to bring more presence and love into the world. Cacao as a food affects our biology in many wonderful ways, as it contains the bliss compounds ananamide and PEA both which cause experiences of love in the consumer. I hope that when someone eats a Loco Love they do so with the intention to nourish their body. Also something as simple as eating one of our pleasurable chocolates with benefits can be a ritual/meditation, a moment to appreciate natures gifts. Then from there let that gratitude fill every cell in their bodies and if done often enough shift a persons reality.  It might sounds crazy to some, though I know I am not alone in believing this. Our thoughts, subconscious mind, actions and vibration are creating our world.
Q. We were super excited on the announcement of your pregnancy. You’ve been incredibly honest and open about previous battles with mental health issues, and have touched on challenges experienced in your first trimester. For many, the first trimester is shrouded in secrecy whilst the body undergoes profound change. For our mum’s who are expecting, or for those who are looking to become pregnant, what insights and wisdom can you share?  
A. Jesse and I wanted a baby for a while before we conceived, but it wasn’t happening the way I wanted it to. The most amazing experience for me was to test the theory of visualisation and surrender. At the time we did conceive I had given up on tracking ovulation or any stress around ‘trying’ for a baby. I started to imagine myself pregnant, what that felt like in my body, the big belly ect; as well as let go of any time limits or it even happening at all. Then almost immediately with this energy shift (could have been other things) I was pregnant. I do feel having a baby is something that is harder to control than I initially thought. As far as nutrition goes and as a naturopath I would recommend focusing on an organic wholefood based diet a long time before. As well as looking into different heavy metal cleanses, taking a pre-natal, a good DHA supplement and making sure stress levels are low, as well as cutting back on caffeine. Hormones are sensitive to various environmental, dietary and energetic circumstances. Theres alot I could share, but best to seek proffessional advice.

Q. You constantly look fabulous: what’s your personal secret to beauty & wellness?
A. Why thank you, haha. I honestly don’t think it could ever be one thing. I do believe in balance with in all areas of life, not to deprive oneself or to indulge too often. I don’t really exercise as much as I would like (if ever) and I work way too many hours, though I don’t beat myself up about this. I do drink really good spring water, have a shower filter, eat mostly organic though I don’t avoid sugars, gluten and dairy.
Q. Your website is a portal to heaven on earth, and we’ve noticed that you believe in ~
Dancing within the paradox gracefully, courageously & with balance
If you could put a soundtrack to this, what would that be & can you show us what the dance looks like?
A. Here is a poem I wrote a few years ago to answer this question.
seasons come and go
like the pains and joy in our hearts
spring and summer surrender
to an icy winter,
nothing lasts forever
each moment meaningful
or opportunity easily slips through our fingers
the soul is not perturbed,
by this constant flux
as love dwells there
changeless amidst constant change
days are replaced by night
then night retreats to the brilliance
of a new dawn,
It all begins and ends
we can’t hold on to anything
such is the nature of this life
In this fluctuation comes perfect balance
the moment between letting go
and grasping desperately
is where the magic comes to life
water, air, fire
and earth, the four elements
only appear constant
though fluidity is their true essence  
you can not hold creation in the palm of your hand
flames burn if we move too close,
water drowns if we stay under
and air makes our blood red with passion
how could one ever deny
we are not connected
we are each other
we are all of this, everything
we couldn't be without everything else
the endless romance of life continues
regardless of whether we like it or not,
it never ceases
though its constantly evolving,
recycling and growing
time is a collective creation
be present in every moment
trust the unfolding
seize the now
or the beauty of your life
may pass you by…