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Start by getting ready for your day - even though you're not leaving the house. 
It's a routine that we should try and maintain. Have a shower, put on some makeup and accessorise a happy outfit. 
This is important to me as fashion is a tool of expression - something that gives me joy & we all need a little joy right now! 


Next make sure that your house and your space is clutter free & clean. 
Whether you are working, living or studying - investing time in creating a nice space will help you to adjust to a new schedule, allow good energy to flow & improve focus. 


Then something I firmly believe in is nourishing our bodies - particularly at a time like this. 
Health is essential, so we need to eat well on a regular basis: breakfast, lunch, dinner + snacks.
I love to have a smoothie in the morning - it's packed with nutrients, easy & quick to make, and filling too! 
Here's a one of my fave recipes for you to try xx 


COVID19 how to boost your immune system and stay well with Arnhem Clothing


My next tip is organisational things that really help me to reduce stress.
To alleviate anxiety, keep my focus and boost motivation these are the types of things I keep on my desk.


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During these times, once my working day is done I'm finding the time that follows a little bit tricky.
This is the time where I'd normally be socialising, or loving outdoor activities with other people.
So to fill that part of my life these are some of the things that I've been doing to maintain a sense of normality.


Self-care idea for self-isolation with Arnhem Byron Bay
Self isolation home care ideas on the blog at arnhem


Finally, something that I feel is SO important is that if there's something that you've been meaning to do for a long time
- learn a new skill, a hobby, language, anything  - then this is the time to do it. Seize this time that we have as an opportunity. 
But also make time to rest. Make time for self-care. Go to bed early.
Create good healthy habits now. Honour your body & take care of yourself.
What we can do now is simply do the best that we can xx



Self-isolation during covid19 with influencer feedingmindbodyandsoul on the blog at Arnhem
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