Celebrating Motherhood with Arnhem & Tash

As Mother's Day approaches, we celebrated all things motherhood with our CEO, Tash Tutton, and her beautiful daughter Avalon, and our Founder Arnhem Bickley with her two gorgeous girls Meika and Inka.
As mothers and daughters, we acknowledge the women in our communities who have raised, cared and given us love. Mother's Day isn't just a day to celebrate biological mothers; it's a day to honour all mother figures who have played a significant role in shaping us into the individuals we are today.We also take time to reflect upon our love for a mother who plays a vital role in all of our lives – Mother Earth.
Our Founder, Arnhem, took the time to reflect on her personal journey as a Mother, discussing the challenges, the highs and everything in between.Nothing can prepare you for Motherhood. It is hectic, crazy and wonderful.
Motherhood is beauty, colour and wonder all at once. Motherhood is the deepest love, caring for someone more than yourself.Motherhood is a journey. My own mother taught me about respect for the earth, living my early years in tipis travelling around Australia. I am so lucky to share a similar journey with two daughters of my own. I love to foster their creativity and watch them grow. Nurture their bodies and feed their minds. I am passionate about their education, both in school and in life. I take them to protests, I let them live wild and free, with laughter and tears, and a lot of outdoor adventures.
My girls inspire me in all aspects of my life. They drive my creativity and put things in perspective. They help me to balance my desire for professional success and a healthy lifestyle full of warmth and family. I relish slow days, gardening and cooking with them. Watching their creativity flourish can be draining and challenging, but more than anything it is a gift.Motherhood is patience and tolerance you never knew you possessed. It is living in the moment while planning for a future that will live beyond my years. Becoming a mum strengthened my commitment to sustainability and zero waste as they say ~ ‘We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.