Clay, Creativity, and Island Living: Meet Abby, the Ceramist of Mallorca

Angel Abby chats to us about her life of ceramics, sunshine and style.
How did you stumble into the wonderful world of ceramics? And, what's the absolute favourite part about diving into clay?
I stumbled into the world of ceramics in school actually. I chose to take pottery class as an elective - not knowing anything about the art. It very quickly became the thing I looked forward to most everyday, I was enamored from the start, and enrolled for 2 years. It was something I had never experienced, yet felt so natural and like a missing piece to my life. Having an art form using my hands that requires my full presence and attention, that carves out spaciousness and quiet in my day, and that serves as a way to express myself and how I see the world, has helped me through the years more than anything. Besides that, it's shown me how powerful it is to have something that sparks genuine joy, that makes you want to get out of bed, something that's just for you.
We see that you’re living it up in Mallorca! Does Spanish island life sprinkle some magic onto your craft? 
Definitely, when I arrived in Mallorca I was immediately hit with the same presence of familiarity as when I began my ceramics journey. I felt a warm embrace, I saw colors that soothed my soul, it felt natural. Now, creating with the earth, and living in harmony with the earth, go hand in hand for me. I am forever inspired by the natural hues of Mallorca. The rugged terra-cotta earth. The imperfections across the landscapes. The colors that drench the island at sunset. From olive greens to liquid gold. I am so grateful for the countless ways this island has held and inspired me.
When you're not elbow-deep in clay, what are you doing for fun? Any hot tips for the girlies wanting to travel to Mallorca this Euro Summer?
For me, my favorite things to do are quite simple really. Finding moments to pause. Spending the day by the sea with a picnic and a stack of books. Cooking and sharing a long dinner with friends filled with wine and laughter. Watching the sunset dip over the horizon. Mallorca in summer can be very busy, but I think finding quiet corners and embracing the natural slowness of the island are the best summer memories.
Alright, let's talk fashion! Your crafting outfits are to die for. We want to know—who or what serves as your style muse?
Actually, style was never something I was super "into", or spent much time thinking about. I went with what I felt naturally drawn to. Simple, warm, elegant, natural, flowy, unique, golden. You could say earth is my muse - I admire its simplicity yet profound beauty. It's depth yet natural ease.I like to think of my fashion as a natural extension of myself - and I am always inspired by brands who value sustainability and creating true works of art, like Arnhem :)
Fast forward five years: where's Abby and her ceramics? Your grand vision!
Great question, and definitely something I am currently trying to create space in my life to think about. My journey with ceramics has become a driving force in my life and my values - follow your joy, go with ease, create a life full of art, take time to be present and slow down, trust in the journey you're on. It's a mix of seeing where the journey takes me while also having clear goals, something I am working on trying to define. What I do know is that I would love to have created a few collections for exhibitions that feel like they encapsulate my relationship with the earth. Also, to create a space to share my joy of ceramics, a place to nurture our connection with the earth, with each other, with ourselves.To always continue to do it for myself. For the peace it brings me, and to always come back to that intention.