Fishing For Compliments & Climate Action

Fishing for compliments and climate action on the Sunday Sustainable blog at Arnhem


Only Dead Fish Go With The Flow.

Every year approx. 640,000 tonnes of ghost fishing nets are discarded in the oceans. Some industrial fishing nets can be up to 10 kilometres long. Powerful ocean currents circulate the nets where they can travel for years, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Millions of marine animals are entangled and killed by ghost fishing nets every year, including whales, dolphins, sea turtles and countless other species.



A Deep Dive On Our Swim.

Our swim separates are responsibly made from 78% ECONYL®

ECONYL® is regenerated nylon made from waste such as fishing nets from the oceans and other pre and post-consumer waste.

ECONYL® is made by Aquafil who partnered with Star Sock and NGO Ghost Diving to establish the Healthy Seas Foundation. Together they recover ghost fishing nets from the ocean - in 2020 alone they retrieved 75,000kg of nets!

And these nets are then regenerated into ECONYL® that can be infinitely recycled.


More Than A Drop In The Ocean.

As well as being a solution on waste, for every 10,000 Tons of ECONYL® regenerated nylon created:

  • 70,000 barrels of crude oil are saved.
  • 57,100 tones of CO2 eq. emissions are avoided.

And, it reduces the global warming impact of nylon by up to 80% compared with the material from oil.


The Dirty Facts.

Nylon = Plastic. And, Plastic, Oil & Gas are deeply connected.

99% of plastic is made from a compound called ethane, which comes from oil and natural gas.

Ethane is heated to 1500°F to create the building block of all plastic – ethylene, which gets mixed in with other chemicals before being molded into various plastic materials and products, like fishing nets.

Natural gas and petroleum contribute to a huge portion of methane emissions, one of the most potent green-house gases. Human created methane is responsible for at least a quarter of the planet’s warming.
And, the sad truth is that as renewable energy and electric cars are decreasing the demand for oil and gas, some oil giants are turning to plastics as a source of stable demand in the future.

Take action to break the pipeline by choosing to wear sustainable, or recycled fibres, asking questions, and consciously reducing your use.



How To Green Wash.

Our swimwear is responsible, but it could be more sustainable.

Recycled ✅ Regenerated ✅ But, it’s still made from synthetic fibres.

Synthetic fabrics shed microfibers when washed. Microfibres are tiny pieces of plastic. This plastic then leaches into our waterways, and ends up in the ocean.

Green wash your swim by using a Guppyfriend Wash Bag.

Guppyfriends reduce microfiber shedding and capture up to 90% of microfibers helping to prevent plastic pollution in our oceans.


Dive Right In.

For a stylish swim that’s good for the environment and highly responsible, and gives back through 1% For The Planet, allow what you want to flow to you.




Tides Of Change.

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP) starts today.

As nations meet to consider how to address the climate crisis, we need our world leaders at national and international levels to advance two major efforts to restore the health of our oceans.

1. To reverse biodiversity loss, we need all nations to commit fully to protecting 30% of the ocean by 2030. Currently, less than 3% of the ocean is fully protected from extractive activities.

2. To address climate change, we need to invest in ocean-based solutions to draw down carbon. Ocean-based solutions can contribute to more than 20% of necessary carbon reductions, but efforts are chronically underfunded.

Combined, these two critical efforts will help to protect our oceans so that it can protect the planet and us.⁠

Find out more about ocean-based solutions for carbon removal here.


Reflect On This.

Our friends at Only One have created this thought-provoking video, with the message that in order to move forward, we must first look back…


Climate Action Must Include the Ocean.

Together we learn, together we act.

If you want to do more to push for change, add your name to the global petition urging world leaders to embrace the ocean as a climate solution. ⁠



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