How to make a scrunchie with Sam

Staying at home & coping with self-isolation takes creativity & sometimes wine. 
That's why we're bringing you a DIY series celebrating craft, innovation & artistic expression to keep you entertained. 


Today we're getting crafty with Sam, Our Production Co-ordinator. 
Read on to learn how to make a scrunchie and you won't even need to leave your lounge for this experience.


How to make a scrunchie with Sam from Arnhem sustainable clothing



You will need:

Piece of fabric min 40cm x 12cm
Piece of 20cm elastic 
Two safety pins
Pen/tailors chalk
Ruler/measuring tape
Sewing machine or if you're super committed - a needle & thread.


...o.k so maybe you left your lounge to find these things around the house


How to make a scrunchie with Sam from Arnhem - the things you need to start



1. Pick your fabric! It needs to be a minimum of 40cm long and 12-14cm wide.
This can be a great solution to utilise the fabric leftover if you are taking up a dress, skirt or wide leg pants that are too long for you!
The fabric we chose to use was a leftover S/O from our Leilani collection, measuring 45cm long and 14cm wide.

2. Measure out your piece of fabric with a ruler and mark your cut lines with a piece of chalk or a pen, and then cut out your rectangle.

3. Trim any loose threads, then fold in half with the right sides of the fabric together.
Carefully pin the long edges of the rectangle together.

4. Stitch the long side of the rectangle together, starting 3cm down from the top edge and leaving 3cm unstitched at the bottom.
This will leave a hole to later turn the fabric tube inside out!


How to make a scrunchie with Sam from Arnhem - DIY Tutorial

5. Attach a safety pin to one end of the tube.
Begin to feed the safety pin through the inside of the tube, manipulating the sewing pin with your fingers from the outside of the fabric.
Keep pushing the safety pin through until it comes out the other end - but don't pull the tube all the way through!

6. Align both short ends of the fabric together, keeping right side of the fabric touching and pin carefully together.
Then stitch along the short edge.

7. Now you can pull the tube inside out through the small gap left in Step 4.

8. Grab your piece of elastic. Attach a safety pin to either end of the elastic.
Attach one end of the elastic with the pin to the edge of the gap left in the fabric tube. This will keep your elastic in place.
Begin feeding the opposite end of the elastic through the tube, in a similar fashion to when we turned the fabric tube inside out.
Keep feeding the safety pin through until it pops out the other side.
Now unattach the safety pin holding the elastic to the tube, grab both ends of the elastic and run a stitch line a couple of times to attach both ends of the elastic firmly together.


How to make a DIY scrunchie with Sam from Arnhem sustainable clothing

9. The final step! We need to close the hole in the fabric tube.
Carefully fold the raw edges of the fabric inside the tub and pin both edges flat together.
Place under the foot of your sewing machine and as close as possible to the edge of the fabric, stitch closed the gap.

10. Trim any loose threads and voila!
Your homemade scrunchie is complete to top off any of your cute Arnhem outfits!


How to make a scrunchie at home DIY tutorial with Sam from Arnhem sustainable clothing


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