Mother, Healer, Pioneer of Green Chemistry Meet Theme Rains & Synthesis Organics


Upon meeting Theme, we were immediately entranced by her nurturing, calm and creative energy. As she told us her story and journey of creating Synthesis Organics we immediately resonated with her values. 

To celebrate mothers around the world and our collective Mother, we are launching two Mothers Day bundles in partnership with Synthesis Organics featuring their favourite ritual for mums. 

The three products we are launching for Mothers Day with Synthesis Organics includes:


PAPAYA ENZYMES gently dissolve dead skin cells, reduce pore size and congestion; FINGER LIME CAVIAR with natural AHAs brightens, evens and smoothes; natural BHA SALICYLIC ACID from WINTERGREEN gently exfoliates and reduces excess sebum; LICORICE and ALOE VERA soothe; SPIRULINA delivers beneficial phytonutrients while reducing the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, acne and blemishes. Breathe in the bioenergetic aromas of LIME to refresh; LEMON MYRTLE to enliven; CLARY SAGE for insight; EGYPTIAN GERANIUM and native FRAGONIA to restore harmony and balance.
This full spectrum face mist tones and naturally protects your skin from daily stress, urban pollution, blue light from computer, TV and phone screens, and energetic toxicity. Infused with the revitalising power and aroma of millions of rose petals and a bounty of bioactives to impart a dewy, instant freshness to your skin while uplifting your mood and overall wellbeing.

OCEAN WINGED KELP provides the perfect omega ratio to renew elastin and collagen; OLIVE SQUALENE hydrates, softens and protects; Vitamins A, C, E from CARROT OIL offer radiance; while rejuvenating FRANKINCENSE soothes and minimises the signs of wrinkles and scars for a retinol-like effect without the side effects. Breathe in the bioenergetic aromas of native FRAGONIA to restore harmony; AUSTRALIAN SANDALWOOD to nourish, strengthen and enrich, ROSE OTTO and JASMINE flowers for beauty from the heart.
All of these products are formulated with Australian Certified Organic and scientifically proven bioactives and packaged in post-consumer recycled bottles with sugar cane labels.
Mothers Day Bundle $169 ($202 in value)
  • Synthesis Organics Spectrum Mist - $59 value
  • Synthesis Organics Renew Enzyme Cleanser  - $68 value
  • Fleetwood Eye Mask - $39 value
  • Arnhem Seeds - $12 value
  • Mini Honey Beauty Bag - $24 value
  • Synthesis Organics Spectrum Mist - $59 value
  • Synthesis Organics Renew Enzyme Cleanser  - $68 value
  • Synthesis Organics Replenish Elixir Syrum - $99 value
  • Fleetwood Eye Mask - $39 value
  • Arnhem Seeds - $12 value
  • Large Honey Beauty Bag - $29 value

Now to the exciting part – We are so excited to introduce you to Theme and her brand, Synthesis Organics. 

Theme, please introduce yourself…

Often I am referred to as an energetic healer, green chemist, aromatherapist, counsellor and beauty expert. Above all, I am Theme Rains; Lover, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Mystic… I am you and you are me. 


Can you share the journey from leaving your chosen career path as a human rights lawyer to creating Synthesis.

Growing up in apartheid South Africa, and partly raised by a traditional medicine woman there, instilled in me a deep need to respond to the injustices and imbalances in the world around me. For a time I believed that this could be done through human rights law, but a mystical experience just before I completed my degree radically shifted my consciousness, and my life’s calling. In following my heart into the Healing Arts I learnt that ‘to heal a world in crisis, we must start with ourselves’. 

I realised that the felt sense of disconnect I had experienced myself, was the source of so muc of the mental, emotional and physical stress suffered in the world at large. From a space of disconnect, decisions are made, from the seemingly mundane to the highest levels, that simply cause more suffering.

By reconnecting with the Light of Nature, and our true essence, our heart (intuition), our head (intellect) and instinct (gut) also align and we experience a felt sense of unity, flow and wellbeing. From this space, decisions are made, and lived, that benefit the Whole, which we often forget is totally interconnected and interdependent.

Thus began my life’s journey into the Healing Arts, learning through transmission from Masters, including a 14 year apprenticeship with an Alchemist, as well as at traditional schools and colleges, and Mother Earth herself.

Synthesis emerged out of this life’s journey as a vehicle to share many of these healing and regenerative influences, in the form of enlightened self care.  

What does beauty mean to you?

To me, Beauty is the expression of Love in this world… and everything flourishes in the presence of Love.  

Many of us have seen and experienced the visible radiance and beauty of someone who is full of the energy of love and life, and how this uplifts everyone around them. This visible connection with the life source, arising out of an awareness that everything is only energy or light, has been understood since ancient times as the secret to health, wellbeing and happiness. We call this Radiant Conscious Beauty.  This radiance comes from the heart; from being connected with our true essence which is Love (some call this ~ being in their natural flow), as well as caring for the physical health of our skin and body with the purest nutrient-rich organic ingredients. All of our products and treatments are based on this unifying heart intelligence.

Traditionally beauty standards teach women that our value is situated in socially constructed notions of beauty: how does your work liberate women?

By celebrating the uniqueness of everyone’s expression of Radiant Conscious Beauty, we hope to blow apart the socially constructed notions of beauty. I love to use the metaphor of the demonstration of Dr Emotos’ water crystals to remind women (and men) about this. He photographed frozen water that had been exposed to various influences and captured the water’s response through the expression of these unique water crystals. He showed that negative influences such as pollution, hurtful words (or intentions), jarring music, caused the water crystals to look unbalanced, cloudy and universally unattractive. However when the same water was exposed to positive influences (affirming words, meditation, prayer, harmonious music, etc)  the water crystals formed exquisite shapes - they were all beautiful, and every single crystal is unique! No two are the same, yet the beauty of each is universally undeniable. Each of us, made up predominantly of water, are like those water crystals… when filled up with positive influences, our body and being can shine with our true and unique beauty. And this beauty transforms the world around us in a positive way, as opposed to conforming, and often shutting down our light to fit in, and then the world misses out on the unique gift of  radiance that only you can bring. 

What we do at Synthesis is to be one of those positive influences, to offer products that work at the physical and energetic level to support overall balance and harmony and the optimum conditions for each one’s unique beauty to shine.

How do you find and connect to solutions in nature?

Firstly by believing that the solutions are already held within Nature; the plant and mineral kingdoms for ingredients, and our true nature for inspiration. By connecting with my heart first, my intellect and instinct align with my intuition, and from that felt sense of unity, I feel a deeper connection with the plants and minerals, and am led to the answers for whatever it is I am contemplating, sometimes in very mysterious ways, and sometimes by following direct scientific knowledge, and aligning that to the heart. 

Does spirituality define your identity?

Spirituality is actually about dissolving identity for me, and it has completely transformed my life. When I was 21 I adopted a spiritual name that was gifted to me, changed it on my passport and have been known by it ever since. I left the promising legal career, my home and all that I knew and was defined by to throw myself out of my comfort zone and into my heart… Following my heart has bought me love, deep peace and joy, as well as many challenges which I understand as Grace, helping me to work through whatever obstacles within and without to the realisation of true unity. 


Tell us about your role as Australian Ambassador for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day celebrated at the United Nations and worldwide each year.

I serve as Chairperson for the Oceania board after being Australian Ambassador for Women's Entrepreneurship Day Organisation (WEDO) for the last 3 years. Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is celebrated at the United Nations and Worldwide on November 19th, but our work is all year around, raising awareness for the empowerment and support of women entrepreneurs throughout the world. When we work together and women are elevated financially, communities, states, and countries prosper, building a global blueprint to alleviate and eradicate poverty. This can take the form of direct impact such as sponsoring refugees through school, scholarships for disadvantaged women, as well as uplifting connections for entrepreneurs at all levels. My special focus is sustainable entrepreneurship. 

How do you maintain inner equilibrium?

For me, union with spirit via the breath is the way I maintain my inner equilibrium. This is enhanced and deepened with aromatherapy, movement (dancing, yoga, walking…), immersion in Nature, loving connections and my Synthesis enlightened self care rituals. Remembering what is truly important, not sweating the small stuff, and a gratitude practice all support enormously as well. 

The best advice I have ever received is…

“There will never be an expedient plan of individuals or governments that will ever replace our responsibility to love under all conditions’

What does a healthy future look like to you?

The future I envision is a world where we are all living in harmony with ourselves, with Nature, and with each other, as a conscious interconnected unity… a Synthesis. I believe what we create from that unity will be in the form of a healthy world for all and all things will then come into a perfect alignment; from an unpolluted environment; enough clean water for everyone - not only for drinking but also for bathing; an abundance of organic and wild crafted food and herbal medicines available to nourish all; conscious, sustainable dwellings and transport; peace, respect and harmony throughout the human race.