On Location For Forget Me Not - Cape Leveque, WA


We’ve forever been inspired by the spellbinding, wonderland that Mother Nature has provided as our playground. When looking at the most beautiful places in the world, it’s often been impossible to decide where to visit next. But with border closures, travel restrictions and ongoing uncertainty, location scouting for our shoots and campaigns has been a challenge in the past year. With the pandemic driving our return to home, and as we all adapt to change, exploring the raw beauty of our homeland, Australia, has been one of our most positive outcomes.

When we started mood boarding Forget Me Not, we began with our girl. An adventure seeker, strong and decisive, playful and romantic, with an absolute lust for living. With a deep connection to Mother Nature, we saw her steeped in shades of earth, in carefree silhouettes collecting memories and extraordinary experiences. We let our wanderlust run free as we thought about where she might explore.


Forget Me Not the new sustainable fashion collection from Arnhem was shot at Cape Leveque, WAForget Me Not the new sustainable fashion campaign shot at Cape Leveque, WAForget Me Not the new sustainable fashion campaign shot for Arnhem at Cape Leveque, WA

Taking cues from those sorely missed days of travel, Arnhem began flicking through photographs from her 2018 family trip around Australia…

"This is it, one of the most magical places on earth - Cape Leveque – it’s truly unforgettable."

Cape Leveque is at the northernmost tip of the Dampier Peninsula in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Situated some 240 kilometres north of Broome, on native title land, Arnhem recalled the astonishing diversity, pristine wilderness and unique landscape with such warmth and longing, we knew we had found the location.

"Cape Leveque was my favourite part of Australia. It’s a land of diverse and stark beauty, where the red earth meets the pure blue sky. As we were driving in, along this remote dirt road, hours from Broome, we were met with a traditionally dressed indigenous man holding a spear on his way to fish the Cape. It’s a place that transports you to a world that feels so far away right now. I love the wild landscape and the traditional owners still living off and in harmony with the land. Completely deserted white sand beaches, rugged red cliffs, clear turquoise water and sunsets that set your heart on fire. I’ve never felt so connected."


Behind the scenes pics from Arnhem family travel adventure to Cape Leveque WAArnhem's family travel adventure to Cape Leveque in Western Australia

So, when the opportunity presented, our team of four headed off to WA to capture our new collection, Forget Me Not.

From Broome our team travelled to Lombadina, before heading on to Cygnet Bay and our final destination Cape Leveque. The sandy red road led us to a wonderland that we couldn’t wait to explore. Crystal clear waters, white sand beaches and iron red rocks that punctuated wide open spaces only later to be burnt by the deep, rich shades of sunset.  

Isolated and idyllic, Cape Leveque is cared for by traditional custodians, the Bardi Jawi people. Originally known as Kooljaman, it’s believed to have been first populated by Indigenous Australians 40,000 years ago, with the history of sacred song lines and places of dreaming shared through lore.

Arnhem's sustainable fashion collection shot on location in Western AustraliaThe Arnhem Team travelled to Cape Leveque in WA to shoot the Forget Me Not Campaign

We are showered every day with the gifts of Mother Earth, and it is eminently present at Cape Leveque. The Bardi Jawi culture understands and preserves the covenant of reciprocity. Their way of life is conducted with the inherent knowing that for the Earth to stay in balance and for the gifts to continue to flow, we must give back in equal measure for what we take. The indigenous communities of Cape Leveque share their knowledge and stories with guests through guided tours, and open invitation to spiritually connect with country.

We were able to connect with that sense of spirit as we experienced this wonderful part of country. Respectfully using the canvas that Mother Nature has provided to capture the beauty of our sustainable collection Forget Me Not, our intention to live in reciprocity was strengthened evermore. Everything that we choose to create is done so in balance with the ecological systems of Mother Earth so that life as we know it can flourish, and to this we will forever be committed.

Connecting spiritually with country at Cape Leveque in Western Australia

This collection was born of freedom and adventure and became a celebration of one of the most beautiful places on earth. Crafted from natural, organic fibres we hope that each piece from Forget Me Not  inspires unforgettable moments and are worn in homage to Mother Earth.

Exploring Cape Leveque in Western Australia with Arnhem