Top 5 Tips - how to be Sustainable at Festivals

Bust a Sustainable Move 🕺
Festivals, aka wonderlands of music, dancing and self-expression - we’re all about them.
Seriously, is there anything quite like dancing your heart out with your besties in the open air, feeling connected and carefree, all to the soundtrack of your fave tunes?!
Unfortunately all that festival goodness tends to spell trouble for the planet.
Most music festivals generate literally tonnes of waste.


But, great news festival-loving babes, we’ve got the DL on how to make your festival experience as planet-friendly as possible.


Check Out Our Top 5 Tips Below!


5 Top Sustainable Festival Tips from Byron Bay brand Arnhem Clothing





One of our favourite things about festivals is they offer an epic opportunity to go big on the self-expression front.
Be your most outrageous self while also considering the planet! Opt for sustainable brands and second hand/ vintage finds.
If you plan on buying something statement to wear as a one off, try and ensure that it’s compostable, or give it to the op shop - anything but landfill!
Try to keep the purchase of one off pieces to a minimum. Get creative with what you already have!


If you’re buying new, here’s what to consider:
*Ethics - look for brands that treat and pay people fairly and provide a safe and healthy working environment for them.
*Fabric-  choose brands that source fabrics that are produced with all three pillars of sustainability in mind: environmental, social and economic.
*Reducing waste-  choose brands that approach design with circularity in mind, meaning they consider the sustainability of every stage of the production process.
Read more about Arnhem’s take on circular fashion here.
*Processes-  look for brands that consider the health of the wearer, makers and planet in all processes to an internationally recognised standard.


How to be sustainable at music festival 5 top tips from Arnhem Byron Bay





Bring a reusable cup - perfect for all your festival beverage needs, from the recovery coffee to the next beer!
Bring a reusable water bottle - clip it to your belt or bag - with the added advantage that it’ll remind you to stay hydrated between dance parties.
Get creative with how you incorporate it into your look!
Bring reusable cutlery - Kappi have an incredible grab & go travel set.  





Got a sec between sets? Why not use that time to pick up 3 pieces of rubbish and bin them.
This simple and direct action effects immediate change and may inspire others to do the same!


Reducing plastic waste at music festival. Sustainable tips from Arnhem Byron Bay




Stock up on dancing fuel - delicious + wholesome treats before you get to the festival.
The planet and your body will be much appreciative.
Choose local - sourced grocer and Santos are great options for bulk goodies.
If you have to buy food from the festival, make sure you choose a vendor that offers plastic free packaging, or BYO container/plate.





You are part of building a sustainable and planet-conscious culture!
Share around these ideas and your own tips and hacks for how to be more sustainable at festivals.
A community + collaborative approach to sustainability accelerates the global movement - we’re so much more powerful together!


Sustainable Festival clothing and style from Arnhem Clothing Byron Bay Australia



There we have it lovelies, sustainable festival-going in a nut shell.
The simple steps above show that a little research, planning and mindfulness can go a long way to being a part of the solution when it comes to planet-friendly partying 🌏🙏


Now, go forth and bust a sustainable move!  🕺