We spent the afternoon with Elise & Sarah Mae from the The Poor Girls Pantry . It was such a fun filled afternoon learning to make the most extravagant cheese platters on a budget and capturing the lovely friendship of two gorgeous girls inside and out. See the bottom of the blog post for the interview.


Congratulations on just launching your website! In a nutshell, what is the Poor Girls Pantry? 
Basically, we are two girls with a list of food intolerance's that are broke. We started The Poor Girls Pantry as a way to show other people that are financially struggling that you can eat healthy on a tight budget.
There is a myth that eating healthy is expensive, however we have mastered the art of eating healthily, catering to our food intolerances on a very tight budget. 
Our website which features some of our favourite recipes (that are all Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Refined Sugar Free and Vego), a playlist to cook to and are looking forward to branching out into Podcasts and a Youtube channel.
How did The Poor Girls Pantry start? 
Elise has always been one of those people coming up with random business ideas to make peoples lives easier. She has always had a passion for cooking (and eating) but never thought anything of it. People would always comment on how amazing her food tastes, so she decided to start an Instagram page (but was too embarrassed to tell people about it). She was hassling me (Sarah Mae) to join in and become a part of it, which I eventually gave in to and said yes. From there, it has snowballed more than we could have ever imagined!
We used to work together and would always joke about how well we worked together and would always say "imagine if we owned a business together".. nekkkk minute!
Once word got around, the response from everyone was incredible and overwhelming.
It really showed us how much demand there is for people wanting to live a healthy lifestyle, with no idea of how to execute it on a budget. We didn't realise how many people generally don't know how many meals you can actually whip up with next to no ingredients, what flavours go with what etc . That's where we come in.
What is your favourite spread you have made to this date? 
We were asked to make a 1.5 metre table platter for a baby shower a few weeks ago. We had no idea how the heck we were going to execute this! (Elise had a mini meltdown about it, which is pretty standard haha)
But we did it!!! We watched people arrive and their reactions to the platter made us so happy! It seriously brings us so much joy watching people love what we create and it never feels like work!
We literally wing everything we do, from cooking, creating recipes, building a website & building platters - it just seems to come so naturally without us thinking about what we're doing. 
Now some quick ones...
 What's your favourite food? 
Elise: Goats cheese, corn chips, avocado - i love everything haha
Sarah Mae: Avo toast or nachos, eating is our passion 
How big was the largest cheese platter you have ever made? 
1.5 metres, but we're aiming for bigger - maybe we'll make the world's biggest platter one day!
Best spot in Byron for a picnic? 
Depends if you want beach or hills - our favourite beach spot would have to be in the sand dunes at Tallows, and we love driving through the hinterland at sunset and pulling over wherever looks pretty at the time.
Platter beverage of choice?
Our favourite drink would have to be Down The Rabbit Hole - Rose. We'd put it in our smoothies if it was socially acceptable haha! #staytunedfortherecipe 
Thanks for a wonderful afternoon girls. You can see more on their website
Sarah Mae & Elise // @the.poor.girls.pantry 
Photography // @reneerae_