Throwing It Back – Arnhem at Splendour In The Grass Over The Years

Today is Splendour XR!
We're all feeling the pain of being cooped up and restricted, it feels like that's just the on and off vibe of 2020 and 2021 we can't seem to escape.
From its humble beginnings at the Belongil Fields in 2001, Splendour has grown into a globally recognised festival. 20 years later Splendour has gone virtual. Who would have thought that we'd be in virtual reality headsets and watching livestreams from our couches instead of getting lost in the Tipi Forrest. At least we are skipping the portaloos and long bus lines this time around!
Since we can't be there ourselves, we're celebrating in the only way we know how, looking back at all of our special festival memories to get excited about our next boogie in the fields. 

“I wanted Splendour to be an experience of a place where you forget your everyday life and get absorbed in something that is quite unique and different.”
– Splendour In The Grass founder Jessica Ducrou

For your enjoyment (and ours) we've made a playlist from our favourite Splendour lineups since its beginnings in 2001. Can you believe that we have had Splendour In The Grass for two decades?

Do you have any special festival memories? Let us know by DMing us on the gram.