Sunday Sustainable: Local Food Can Save The World #WorldFoodDay

To celebrate yesterday’s  #WorldFoodDay we wanted to put a spotlight on how locally grown food can help the future of our planet.

Industrialised farming has created a world that is dependent on large energy intensive machines, illogical export and trade, pesticides use, and unethical working conditions that are creating higher emissions and destroying biodiversity.

Why we love locally grown food;

  • Local food supports the livelihoods of farmers by providing them rewarding work in their communities 
  • Local food creates more biodiversity, learn more about it in this research paper.  
  • Local food reduces emissions by reducing the distance food travels and illogical trade to foreign countries 
  • Local food doesn’t use industrialised machines, GMOs and chemicals
  • Local food is healthier and fresher 

So next time you shop at your local farmers market or spend time in your veggie garden, know that you are helping keep our planet beautiful and our people healthy.


Not sure where and when your local farmers market is? 

Shopping at a local farmers market not only gives a rewarding job to a farmer in their community that promotes connection, it helps give the farmer a better livelihood. Supermarket chains are known for price gouging farmers, so when you buy direct from the farmer you are taking out the middle man, helping them earn a proper living wage for their hard work.

A simple way for you to do a huge bit for the planet is shopping at a farmers market.

By doing this you are also reducing the emissions from the distance the food travels to your plate. 

Even better, if you're shopping organic and locally, you're helping support luscious biodiverse ecosystems that keep our planet humming the way it should!

Find an Australian farmers market near you 

Want to dive deeper into local food systems? 

On #WorldFoodDay Regeneration International partnered with a coalition of organizations  including Local Futures, IFOAM, Regeneration International, Navdanya and others to host the People’s Food Summit – calling for a shift in food and agriculture towards local sovereignty and small-scale, diversified systems. 


Watch the replays of the event and get more information about regenerative, agro-ecological food and farming head over to Regeneration International’s YouTube channel to find out more. 


While you’re at it, learn more about how local food can save the world in this YouTube video from Local Futures.