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May 16, 2019





With Australia’s Federal Election happening on Saturday 18th May, we ask you to please watch this film.
Island Home from our dear friends Matty Hannon & Gary Parker.
We chose to support this film as fighting for our planet informs everything that we do. 







We are in a climate emergency that requires urgent action to prevent catastrophic damage to our planet. 
We need to use our votes wisely & vote for the future. The future of our planet, our children & our children’s children. 


This film adds punch to the already powerful momentum of the Fight for the Bight, Stop Adani & Climate movements that right now, are the centre of our nation’s focus.
A surfing film with a strong & tactful conservation message, words of wisdom from Australia’s first nations people, and an important call-to-action that every Australian should see.
Know each parties’ climate policies before voting.




A Thunderbox original

Dan Ross
Belinda Baggs and Rayson Baggs
Birri nation elder: Uncle Ken Peters-Dodd
Dr. Alan Cuthbertson

Directed by: Matty Hannon and Gary Parker
Cinematography: Matty Hannon, Gary Parker and Johnny Gaskell
Additional footage: Lewis Haskins, Madison Jeffrey, Che Chorley and Joe Proudman

'Something On My Mind'
Lyrics by Glenn Skuthorpe, Jedda Costa and Louis Mokak with original music by Glenn Skuthorpe and accompaniment by Alice Skye.
@cultureislife.org #cultureislife.org
@glennskuthorpemusic #glennskuthorpemusic
Engineered by Colin Wynne at Thirty Mill Studios,
Produced by Katie Symes for Culture Is Life, with music video by James Arneman at Sunlander Films.

Executive producer: Arnhem Bickley
Social Impact Consultant: Georgia Quinn

Create NSW
Bobby Romia, Investment Manager
Megan Young, Senior Investment Manager
Sally Regan, Director of Screen Investment

Screenworks Australia Executive Producers
Ken Crouch
Louise Hodgson

Production Assistant: Kate Nelson and Alexandra Dungey

Thanks to The Surfrider Foundation and Frontline Action on Coal

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