Zodiac ~ Take It Higher

Cosmic honeys, the time is now.
Bathe in sunshine. Sing at the top of your lungs. Plunge into the sensuality of experience. Be free.
The Arnhem Zodiac collection is everything your wild and carefree spirit has dreamt of - and it's finally here! 


The New Arnhem Zodiac Collection - Festival Fashion at its Finest


The Arnhem Zodiac Collection is inspired by the myth of the goddess, the cosmos we contain and are contained in, the way your body’s vibration rises to meet that of the music.
By all that’s sensual and untamable. Immersed in a crowd of strangers. United by the thrum of the music. The illusion of separation melts away.
We vibrate in a unified field of pure potential. Lifting our arms and opening our hearts. We are truly one. 


Our oneness is remembered in the crafting our Zodiac collection.
The Celestial pieces are birthed from 100% silk: a fibre as natural as the way your body answers the call of song.
Cosmic femininity and recycled lace give rise to the Empress pieces.
Recycled mesh, sustainable cotton and transcendent dreams manifest in the form of our Zion Dress.


There’s power in clothing yourself in pieces that are as connected to the planet as you. 


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Like you, Zodiac is so many things at once: wild, seductive, playful. Allowing you to interpret the pieces in your own way and make them yours.
Channel sultry 90s-grunge, the mystical cosmos, or free-spirited Woodstock vibes. Forget obligations and expectations - be free. 
Get out of your head, into your body and feel it.
The rain on your skin. The music in your heart. The ecstasy of being alive.
Raise your arms and your vibration. Our Zodiac collection is here to take you higher.