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Luna Rose ~ St John Patron Of Friendship Necklace Gold

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~ For those who cherish love, loyalty, friendships and relationships, this St John pendant was made for you.
Sustainably made from solid .925 recycled sterling silver in a fully closed loop production system, with 3 layers of 18kt gold plating.
Pendant measures approx 18mm x 18mm.
Keep what matters close to your heart.
An extremely loyal & loving man, St John's legend is that he would do anything for his friends (Kind of like heading to a Beyonce concert when you're a rock fan?!) He was a huge believer & teacher of love, loyalty, friendships & relationships. It was even said that he would die for his closest pals.
This pendant is to celebrate those extra special friendships, & for those who you would do absolutely anything for. Special relationships are something to cherish beyond any word or action & by wearing our St John pendant, helps to remind us of what really matters most.

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