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Arnhem Clothing

Our Makers: Bernard

Bernard - our knitwear maker


"Due to retail stores shutting down and other restrictive measures taken by governments in many countries, the brands and retailers we work with have incurred substantial trading losses. As such they have cancelled their orders and have stopped delivering produced goods, which in turn reduces new orders units that would ordinarily be made by us. We have lost about 30% of our business.
COVID-19 heavily impacted the supply chain in February and March, but the production chain in China is now back to normal. Due to significant order reductions, many factories have had to put steps in place to protect the future of their business. We have reduced the number of employees, with remaining workers adapting to revised hours, reduced to 3 or 4 days per week.
Without enough orders it is hard to survive. COVID-19 has had a very serious impact."

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