Our Makers: Sharmilla


What we love about Sharmilla:

Sharmila is passionate about sustainability and has strong aligned values of environmental responsibility. She has completed the Higg Facility Environmental Module and has GOTS and Oeko Tex 100 certification in place.  

Crafts very high quality garments.


Sharmila's team has excellent sourcing, design and development capabilities. Their strengths are signature embroidery, embellishment and delicate fabrications.

Fave collection:

Up and coming Heavenly collection.

Interesting Fact:

Sharmila is establishing an all women factory where they provide training and offer employment opportunities for women.

Sharmilla is audited annually by Sedex.
Collections Bijoux, Audrey
Tier One Traceability
Factory Owner Sharmilla
Location Delhi, India
Auditing Body Sedex - Smeta 2 - Labor, health and safety
Audit Rate 2 Pillar
Age of Factory 10 years
Youngest Employee 21 years
Gender of Employees 208 male, 25 female
Last audited 6/9/20
Last Arnhem Visit We are yet to visit this factory
Tier 2 Traceability GOTS
Tier 3 Traceability GOTS
Tier 4 Traceability GOTS
Tier 5 Traceability GOTS