Our Makers: Michelle

Michelle and Team



Husband and wife duo, they instill family values in all aspects of the business.

Last audit: 23rd October, 2020

What we love about Michelle:
Husband and wife duo have been making high quality swimwear since 2007 Specialise in working with sustainable Econyl fabrics.
They are an industry leader in Sustainability and Econyl. Their quality of swimwear is exceptional.
Excel at crafting our intricate floral border and print placement swimwear.

Fave Collection:
Honey Swim

Fave fabric:

Michelle is audited annually by Responsible Sourcing Workplace Assessment
Collections Honey Swim
Tier One Traceability
Factory Owners Michelle and Jacky
Location Dongguan, China
Auditing Body Responsible Sourcing Workplace Assessment
Audit Rate Pass
Age of Factory 2 years
Youngest Employee 20 years
Gender of Employees 46 male, 101 female
Last audited 23/10/20
Last Arnhem Visit February 2019
Tier 2 Traceability Print mill is Oeko Tex 100 certified
Tier 3 Traceability Econyl
Tier 4 Traceability Econyl
Tier 5 Traceability Econyl