Meet Rhi - Protect The Locals Tee Artist

We’re excited to bring you another interview in our meet the makers series.
Let us introduce you to the talented artist behind our Arnhem X Sea Shepherd ‘Protect The Locals’ Charity Tee, Rhi James.

Not only is Rhi a talented artist and textiles designer, but she’s also our wanderlust muse. Living life in full colour, Rhi draws on her travel experiences to express the natural beauty of our world through different mediums. We wanted an artist who could perfectly capture the vibrant natural wonders of the ocean in our Arnhem X Sea Shepherd Charity Tee, and so were beyond grateful when Rhi agreed to collaborate with us on this important project.

Below we talk about Rhi’s inspiration, her connection to the ocean, and find out what she’s manifesting in 2021…

Arnhem X Sea Shepherd Charity Tee Artist Rhi James


Rhi, please introduce yourself…
Hello, I am a UK print designer turned illustrator who now lives in Perth, Australia. I created an illustration business called Hebe Studio last year and spend most of my time working on that. I love the sun, travelling, eating food and cats.

How would you describe your aesthetic?
Bright, happy and a tiny bit quirky.

Where do you look for inspiration?
Travel is my main source of inspiration for sure. I love visiting new places and being completely inspired by my surroundings.

Tell us about the story behind the artwork you created for our ‘Protect The Locals’ charity tee.
It is an artwork designed to remind people to protect the ocean and its inhabitants. I have never felt a closer connection to the ocean as I do now living in Australia. Swimming in the Ningaloo reef and witnessing the incredible sea life there made it hit home so much more how desperately we need to protect it. When I was asked to work on this project I felt it really aligned with my beliefs and it was a cause I wanted to be a part of.

Our Arnhem X Sea Shepherd Charity Tee is first hand painted by artist Rhi JamesThe Arnhem X Sea Shepherd Charity Tee for World Oceans Day 2021 was painted by handThe Arnhem X sea  Shepherd Protect The Locals Charity Tee painted by Rhi James

When did your passion for painting and creating begin and how has it evolved?
I have always loved painting, ever since I can remember I've always been obsessed with art and drawing. I majored in Art at school and then because I didn't want to be a Fine Artist I studied Print Design at University. Since graduating I have worked for other brands mainly designing fashion prints. I quit my job to move to Australia when my partner got offered a job here and that is when I decided to move more towards illustration and set up my own business. Painting makes me so happy and I feel very grateful that this is my job.

Who are the creatives that you’re currently admiring?
Ah so many and for different reasons. @haylsa for Australian travel photography and prints @jay.nicole.designs is a very inspiring small business owner selling jewellery and clothing, @hugogrenville @leighellexon, @rosedufton, @alicebrislanddesign, @brieharrison, @anjajane are all amazing be honest I could go on forever!

What are your most cherished daily rituals?
My most cherished ritual is probably getting outside and either going for a walk or getting on my bike everyday. We live on a nature reserve with amazing walks and cycle paths. I like to make sure I make the most of this otherwise I can end up never leaving the house and getting a bit grumpy haha.

Arnhem X Sea Shepherd Charity Tee is painted by hand and then digitally printed

What’s your definition of beauty?
I think beauty is something that evokes a (good) feeling when you look at it. Being in nature for me is the biggest example of this, there's just no better feeling than being surrounded by natural beauty.

I’m currently obsessed with…
My foster cat! He's the best thing ever and keeps me company every day.

This year I’m manifesting…
Lots of big dreams for Hebe Studio.

Arnhem X Sea Shepherd Charity Tee in conjunction with World Oceans Day 2021


For your daily dose of creative inspiration follow Rhi on Instagram @rhi.james


The Arnhem X Sea Shepherd ' Protect The Locals' Charity Tee launches on World Oceans Day 2021, Tuesday 8th June at 10am AEST, with 100% of profits raised donated to Sea Shepherd to defend, conserve and protect our oceans 🌏🐳 To find out more about how your donations are used read the Q&A with Marina Hansen, National Marine Debris Campaigner for Sea Shepherd Australia, or watch the videos here.