Support Sea Shepherd & Fight Plastic Pollution

To celebrate World Ocean's Day 2021 we’ve partnered with Sea Shepherd to create a limited-edition, sustainable Tee with 100% of profits being donated to Sea Shepherd! The Arnhem x Sea Shepherd Tee launches 10am AEST, Tuesday 08th June. Together, our donations will help support Sea Shepherd with their on-going campaigns in Australia to protect the health of our oceans & take some serious #OceanClimateAction.
Watch the film below to see how your donation will make a difference...
It's estimated that up to 13 million metric tons of plastic ends up in our oceans each year—that's the equivalent of a garbage truck load every minute! Plastic affects the health of our oceans by changing its chemistry directly impacting coral reefs, plankton and crustaceans. Plastic endangers and often kills marine life and birds that get caught and tangled, or choke from plastic ingestion. Plastics break down into microplastics that get eaten by the smallest fish, slowly making its way up the food chain, eventually ending up in our food and water. 
We’re passionate about supporting Sea Shepherd’s Marine Debris campaign that cleans up plastic pollution from our waterways & beaches.
Watch the amazing work that they're doing below, filmed on a recent clean up at the Cocos Keeling Islands, a remote territory of Australia in the Indian Ocean.