Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution Week is here, marking 10 years of challenging norms, advocating for transparency and highlighting sustainability in the fashion industry.
We're proud to be at the forefront of this movement, from our commitment to ethical manufacturing practices to our packaging and dedication to using eco-friendly materials, our focus is  on moving forward with sustainability at the helm.

At the heart of our brand lies a passion for sustainable fashion, driving us to lead the charge in the realm of bohemian style. From our meticulously crafted boho chic clothing to our array of women's bohemian fashion essentials, every piece exudes a blend of elegance and eco-consciousness. Embracing the ethos of ethical bohemian fashion, we uphold stringent manufacturing standards and prioritise the use of eco-friendly materials throughout our production processes. Our commitment extends beyond mere garments; it's ingrained in every facet of our operation, from our thoughtfully designed packaging to our advocacy for sustainable practices. As advocates for change, we believe that fashion should not only empower individuals but also respect the planet we call home. Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future, where boho fashion isn't just a trend but a testament to our dedication to preserving the beauty of our world.