Beach clean up for World Oceans Day 2024

As we celebrate World Oceans Day 2024, we're embracing the theme of "Catalysing Action for Our Ocean & Climate," fostering a shared commitment to protecting our oceans for generations to come. Our recent beach cleanup along the beautiful shores of Bundjalung Land was a gentle reminder of the importance of our ongoing efforts to preserve marine ecosystems.


We acknowledge the connection between ocean well-being and climate equilibrium. The oceans play a pivotal role in climate regulation and biodiversity support, addressing issues such as ocean degradation and climate change.
Our ocean currently...
Over 8 million tons of plastic find their way into the ocean each year.
Coral reefs, often called the "rainforests of the sea," are at risk, with more than 30% already lost due to factors like climate change and pollution.
Approximately one-third of fish stocks worldwide are overfished, endangering food security for millions of people who rely on the ocean for sustenance.
Ocean acidification, caused by the absorption of excess carbon dioxide, poses a significant threat to marine life, especially shell-forming organisms like corals and mollusks.


Organisations who are giving back
Ocean Conservancy
With a focus on protecting ocean ecosystems and wildlife, Ocean Conservancy leads initiatives from marine debris cleanup to advocating for sustainable fisheries.
Support Ocean Conservancy 
Surfrider Foundation
Dedicated to coastal conservation, Surfrider Foundation conducts beach cleanups, monitors water quality, and advocates for policies to protect coastal areas.
Support Surfrider Foundation
Take 3 for the Sea
An award winning charity who encourages people to pick up three pieces of litter from beaches and waterways to prevent marine pollution and protect ocean health.
Support Take 3 for the Sea
We believe in the power of collective action to protect our oceans and mitigate climate change. Join us in spreading awareness this World Oceans Day. Together, we can ensure a brighter, more sustainable future for all.