Creation; the formation of bringing something to existence. Or in our case, creation in the form of an adventure; with six inspiring women ~ bouncing from idea to idea.

Our girls; Olive Cooke, Emily Yates, Erin Paton, Carly Brown, Stass Dean & Tash Tutton set off to the Bellinger Valley ~ a rare and special place, host to a plethora of creativity, with an engaging culture.
Heaven was just an understatement whilst staying here… Where we awoke in the rejuvenation of the jungle, enjoyed lunchtime dips in the valley & the dove into the creativity of each others minds.

This magical place that where we were lucky enough to let our creative energy flow, has been completely regenerated from an old cattle farm {which was completely bare from trees} to a now heavenly property. Featuring regenerated native trees; crafting homes for many of our beautiful but now endangered local species such as; The Powerful Owl, Wompoo Pigeon, Rose Crown Fruit Dove, Black Necked Stalk, Rainbow Pitta, Giant Barred Frog & the Pink Underwing Moth.
The Bellinger Valley happens to be extremely biodiverse, meaning that we were surrounded by 100 different plant species, 8-20 species of frog, 20+ reptile species, 10-4 mammals species & over 100 bird species {how amazing}! Not to mention, this special place also obtained a little permaculture garden!! We are OBSESSED {& in heaven}...
One of the most important focuses for us Arnhem girls, is & always will be the mantra(s) “leave no trace” & “Take 3 For the Sea”. When we endure on a journey, we ensure we leave each location, the way we find it ~ we only have one Earth... so conscious choices & actions are needed & taken.
A few actions we encourage you to follow to reduce the potential of leaving rubbish behind are; bringing/utilising a reusable drink bottle {there are so many pretty and practical options, for example; we loving using a Bare Blends’ drink bottle}, packing your snacks in a reusable container, using chemical free sunscreen, etc... {head to our Insta DIY stories for an incredible natural & organic sunscreen recipe} & pack your own reusable cutlery! I find that not only are all these alternatives are vital, but are also fun & allow us to be a little creative!!
Along our journey, we also made the discovery of an incredibly gratifying and inspiring Youth Group ~ “The Bellingen Eye” a group of dedicated young individuals who have a passion for the planet.
Their latest inspiring project is, ‘youth against plastic’... They assist the people of Bellingen & the planet to reduce our reliance on single use plastic.
We are excited to deliver you Arnhem Beauties ‘La Boheme’ through the influence of a journey surrounded by sustainability & creativity ~ an adventure marinated in mindless love, notions & gratitude. A collection in which incorporates a variety of diverse pieces & sustainable fabrics...

CREDITS:  Olive Cooke @olivecooke
Em Yates @emelinaah
Erin Paton @erinpaton
Tash Tutton @ahhtash
Carly Brown @_carlybrownphotographer
Stass Dean @stassmaile

Enjoy Beauties,
Love, Arnhem XX