Our Makers: Rose



Rose and her husband bring over 30 years experience of working in the fashion industry and started their own manufacturing unit to cater specifically to the Australian fashion market.
Their major strengths are production research and development which is critical for our suppliers when forming their own sustainable supply chains.
Rose also has an impeccable attention to detail and quality, ensuring the longevity of the garments they produce.

Rose has brought to life our, Soriah, Lily, Fleetwood and Esmee collections.
Last audit: 4th September, 2020

What we love about Rose:
We love that Rose is a powerful, female businesswoman leading a team of all women.

Impeccable attention to detail and sound knowledge of high quality garment construction.
Rose and her husband have run their business for over 30 years, catering specifically to Australian market so strong understanding of light, climate appropriate fabrics.

Fave collection:

Fave Fabric:
Elder - Lenzing Ecovero


Rose is audited annually by Qualspec.
Collections Daisy Chain, Fleetwood, Esmee, Juliette, Honey, Jasmine
Tier One Traceability
Factory Owner Rose
Location Shanghai, China
Auditing Body Qualspec
Audit Rate Amber, No critical issues, corrective action plan to be completed
Age of Factory 20 years
Youngest Employee 30 years
Gender of Employees 10 male, 21 female
Last audited 4/9/20
Last Arnhem Visit February 2019
Tier 2 Traceability We have visited the weaving and print mill. The print mill is Oeko Tex 100 certified
Tier 3 Traceability We have visited the yarn mill
Tier 4 Traceability Lenzing certified
Tier 5 Traceability Lenzing certified