Blaze in Full Cycle

Embracing Evolution.



Change; that most constant of companions, intrinsic to, and inseparable to what it means to be human. With it comes to personal and style evolution, Arnhems new Blaze collection has been specially designed to evolve alongside us.


Commencing life in a bold earth-tone, the ultimate in simple-but-statement pieces will fade with washing, and an increasingly vintage look and feel will emerge. What magic, what poetic symmetry that, like you, these garments will genuinely and visibly reinvent themselves over time. 


How to care for Blaze the luxe linen pieces from Arnhem


As with all things we love, the pieces are best handled with care and attentiveness. We recommend that, for the first few washes, this garment be washed by hand separately, inside out in cold water as there may be some colour transfer. Use a gentle, natural plant-based detergent and be mindful of light coloured clothes and furniture. Alternatively, modern washing machines with gentle cycles are often suitable for more delicate items that you would otherwise hand wash.


Eco laundry tips for a sustainable wardrobe from Arnhem


The earth, like Arnhem, is enthusiastic about increasing the longevity of our possessions and the following washing tips/gems will do exactly that for your clothes and washing machine and as a sweet little extra, theyll also save you money.


🌿 Front loading washers are more water efficient than conventional washers- environment and bank accounts rejoice!


🌿One cup of baking soda instead of detergent in the dispenser of your machine results in a whiter, brighter and more eco-friendly load. Your skin and the earth will unite in appreciation of fewer chemicals.
🌿A riddle: what do Green washing machines and green salads have in common? They both benefit from a dash of vinegar- add 1/4-1/2 cup during the rinse cycle of your wash for soft clothes without having to use chemical-laden fabric softeners. Treat your machine to a great dressing!


Care for your clothes so that they will last longer


FYI. The sweeter-than-sweet bralettes and knickers floating in the breeze and into your hearts are apart of our upcoming Stevie Revive Collection, dropping in a few short weeks.


A further sweet cherry on this evolution-embracing cake: the gloriousness that is our Blaze collection is microplastic adverse. Microplastics (plastic particles less than five millimeters in size) make their way to the ocean via wastewater produced from washing synthetic fabrics. Those toxic particles are then absorbed by sea life, including birds. The Blaze collection, being crafted from 100% linen produced from the fibers of the flax plant, will aid in keeping you and that lovely sea of ours plastic particle-free.



For inspiration as to how to best embody this spirit of evolution and reinvention, we look to nature. Nature which takes no more than it needs, nature the expert recycler and re-purposer, nature which embraces of the ebb and flow of it all. It shows the way, we need only follow its lead. As your beautiful Blaze Collection pieces evolve and change, be reminded of your ability to do the same.